Travel SF: Beach Time

There are many days when dirty dishes are piled up, beds need to be made, and there’s clutter in every space that meets the eye. My head is pounding and I’m about to lose it if I stay in the house one more second. Are you with me? It’s during these moments, that I take... Continue Reading →


Eats: Ramen Tonight

Soup in the summer? It may not seem to fit well with a hot summer day, but it’s easy and yummy and the kids eat it up! Hot or cold, I’m just desperate to get something on the table in time for dinner. And ramen noodles can be an easy fix for that. I was... Continue Reading →

Welcome: 3girls&aboy

It’s official... I’m going for it! After many years of being on the sidelines of the social media world, I’m ready to dive in. I’m all in! So why now? Well, why not now? The reality is that busyness tends to take over all of our lives. And connecting face to face is not always... Continue Reading →

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