Tricks for Making Treats with Kids in the Kitchen

Only one more sleep until Halloween! My kids are bouncing off the walls already... yikes! They’ve all been busy baking or cooking in the kitchen and concocting a variety of different experiments... and sometimes it doesn’t always turn out as they had hoped. But it’s always an adventure! Here are some of the tricks and... Continue Reading →

Family: What I want my 4 year old son to know about girls and women

He’s 4 years old and like many 4-year-old children, he is sweet, adorable and so innocent. His greatest crime is his random tantrums when he doesn’t want to eat his vegetables or doesn’t want to put on his jacket or other random “doesn’t want to”. But there are things that are nonnegotiable regardless of his... Continue Reading →

Travel China: What my Kids Need to Know when Traveling

My family and I had the privilege of living in China for 3 years and during that time we immersed ourselves in the deep, rich culture of the Chinese people.  It was pretty amazing! As I reflect back on our expat living, I am grateful for the many friendships and adventures. And these are memories... Continue Reading →

Travel Philippines: My beautiful homeland

Philippines is made up of 7600+ islands, so there is no shortage of beautiful islands to visit. But when I think about visiting my homeland, one word comes to mind “FOOD”! The culinary eats are so diverse with Spanish, Chinese and Southeast Asian influences that a Filipino menu can satisfy any appetite.  But before I... Continue Reading →

Family: Our top 5 Game-Day Priorities

Growing up, I played all sports that my school offered, volleyball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, track and field...the whole gamut. I figured, why not and my mom was grateful “exercise” kept me busy. For me, it was all about the sport and my friends. I loved everything about being on the team and playing the... Continue Reading →

Filipino Eats: Bibingka (coconut & cassava cake)

I grew up on Filipino food... every meal consisted of rice and some form of protein. The mornings normally started with fried eggs, longanisa (Filipino sweet sausage) and rice. And on special occasions, we would have bangus (milkfish) for breakfast... trust me, it’s yum! My mom would always fry the fish in a portable stove... Continue Reading →

Family: My Immigration Story

This past week has been mind-blowing given the recent headlines related to  terminating DACA. And then there were the headlines related to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and how multiple communities, volunteers, individuals came together to provide a helping hand to complete strangers in need. These two actions, unsympathetic dismissal and compassionate giving are such... Continue Reading →

Travel England: English Castles

All the kids (3girlsandaboy) are back at school with their backpacks in tow, new shoes laced up and lunch bags packed. They were all excited and ready for the new school year. It seemed like summer was a distant memory for them. But for me, I wasn’t feeling it... I didn’t want to let go... Continue Reading →

Family: How do I talk to my kids about racism

These past weeks have felt heavy and overwhelming. And it’s not because school started and the early morning schedule, packed lunches and carpools have taken over the daily routine. Instead, this feeling is the realization of the ugly underbelly of our nation - hate and racism - are alive and kicking. A lot of people... Continue Reading →

Travel SF: Beach Time

There are many days when dirty dishes are piled up, beds need to be made, and there’s clutter in every space that meets the eye. My head is pounding and I’m about to lose it if I stay in the house one more second. Are you with me? It’s during these moments, that I take... Continue Reading →

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